Bazooka Tango Secures $5 Million Funding to Transform ‘Shardbound’ into an NFT Game

Bazooka Tango, a game studio formed by veterans of Vainglory, a fantasy MOBA game, has recently obtained a significant financial boost, securing $5 million in funding led by Bitkraft Ventures. This funding, announced on Thursday, also involves participation from RW3 Ventures, Sfermion, and 1Up Ventures.

The investment’s primary objective is to breathe new life into Shardbound, an NFT trading card and turn-based RPG game. Bazooka Tango intends to utilise this capital infusion to expand its team and propel Shardbound closer to completion. Shardbound, slated to launch on the upcoming Immutable zkEVM network, uniquely melds NFT elements with strategic gameplay.

Shardbound combines the mechanics of a trading card game with a turn-based player-versus-player RPG. Players strategically position characters on a vibrant tiled board, adding depth to the gaming experience.

Bo Daly, Bazooka Tango’s CEO, expressed satisfaction with the funding, particularly given the challenging VC climate. He emphasized the crucial need for team expansion in key disciplines to successfully launch and grow the Shardbound universe.


“Amid an incredibly challenging year for VC funding, it speaks volumes to the quality of our games,”

Shardbound’s journey has been marked by challenges, originating from Spiritwalk Games with incomplete art assets and reaching only early access. Despite raising approximately £150,000 through Kickstarter in 2017, it fell short for the game’s completion. Bazooka Tango’s acquisition and revival of Shardbound were first disclosed in March.

With the new funding, Shardbound now possesses the resources to see its development through. Bazooka Tango has strengthened its team with executives from leading gaming companies like Apple, Disney, and Electronic Arts. Developers from renowned studios such as 2K, Sledgehammer Games, and Pocket Gems have also joined the project.

The studio’s emphasis on recruiting top talent and securing substantial funding underscores its commitment to reviving Shardbound. This move signals Bazooka Tango’s belief in the potential of NFT games, despite the fluctuating market for such ventures.

The revival of Shardbound by Bazooka Tango, leveraging significant VC funding and a robust development team, represents a noteworthy development in the NFT gaming space. This effort highlights the growing interest and investment in blockchain-based gaming, seamlessly blending traditional gaming experiences with the emerging world of NFTs.

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