BAYC Exclusive ApeFest Hong Kong Merch Drop Encounters Website Glitches

To celebrate ApeFest Hong Kong, the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) has unveiled details about their forthcoming merchandise launch.

This event is taking place both in-person and online on 3 November.

The twist is that this merch collection is exclusively available to BAYC and MAYC holders only.

Furthermore, it will be accessible for a generous window of over two weeks, with the online boutique closing its doors on 16 November.

Ensuring the utmost security for buyers, Yuga has employed Tokenproof for the sale.

Moreover, the online store is designed to facilitate delegation to a hot wallet using either warm.xyz or delegate.cash, eliminating the need for holders to connect a wallet containing their Apes or Mutants to the website for purchasing merchandise.

It is important to note that, aligning with the exclusivity of this merch release, each purchaser will have the privilege to complete only two checkouts on the site: one for the general ApeFest items and another for the BAPE x BAYC products.

For those fortunate enough to attend ApeFest in person, the convenience of ordering and collecting products on-site is available, with the merchandise pick-up line opening as early as 7am on Friday.

However, individuals selecting this option should be mindful that they will need to personally collect and transport their orders back with them, necessitating adequate suitcase space.

This new merchandise collection promises to celebrate Apes in classic street-wear style, encompassing branded caps, playful T-shirts commemorating ApeFest or featuring distinctive Ape traits like restaurant receipts, tanks, hoodies, totes, flasks, and more.

It is worth noting that the ApeFest FAQ page on the BAYC website indicates that guests bringing a “+1” to the event in person will also have the opportunity to purchase merchandise.

At a glance, this new release embodies a unique street-wear essence, characterised by refined design, humour, and a strong emphasis on quality.

Anticipated to be sported by attendees throughout the event, especially at the Yacht Club Open House on Sunday, these products are set to make a statement.

This year’s ApeFest places significant emphasis on the global nature of the BAYC and Yuga communities.

It marks a shift from last year’s music-focused event to one centred around a myriad of experiences and “surprises” across the city, all underpinned by a strong sense of community.

Highlights of the event include a BMW interactive feature, a clubhouse party, activities like skating and basketball, and a staggered happy hour.

The official ApeFest zine offers hints and insights into the event’s programme.

Notably, ApeFest will feature a robust virtual component to ensure the participation of holders worldwide.

The act of wearing and displaying such merchandise symbolises not only support but also an invitation for recognition, connection, and camaraderie.

BAYC has consistently upheld a high standard for their exclusive merchandise releases during these events since the inception of their first Ape Fest.

Shortly after the merch drop went live at 9am, BAYC noted on X (formerly known as Twitter) that it has been brought to their attention that some users are experiencing issues with the online store.

They took down the online store while the website issues are being resolved.

BAYC elaborated that this issue was not “tokenproof’s error in any way”/

At the time of writing, BAYC has assured users that “majority of items for sale on the online shop will still be available for purchase once the website is back.”

While some chastised BAYC for not learning from past mistakes, some applauded their swift communication in clarifying the issue and keeping users updated.

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