BAPE® and Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) Collaborate on Exclusive Collection

A Unique Collaboration Emerges

A BATHING APE® (BAPE®), renowned for its streetwear, announced today a forthcoming collaboration with Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). The joint venture, in association with NFT production studio Yuga Labs, heralds a convergence of fashion and blockchain technology.


Image Source: Yuga Labs

Reviving Nostalgia in Design

This new collection draws inspiration from the laid-back aura of early 2000s street fashion, presenting a lineup of apparel and footwear adorned with striking, bold designs that encapsulate the essence of both brands. The fusion merges BAPE®’s iconic ABC CAMO with the distinctive BAYC logo, reinvigorating classic items like pullover hoodies, trucker caps, and bucket hats.


Image Source: Nowhere Co., Ltd.

The Exclusive BAPE STA™ Sneaker

A highlight of the collection is the BAPE® X BAYC BAPE STA, a limited-edition sneaker featuring ABC CAMO on the upper and a Curtis design on the clear rubber outsole. Priced at ¥33,000 (tax included) for both genders, only 1,000 pairs will be available worldwide, each uniquely numbered.


BAPE® X BAYC BAPE STA (Image Source: Nowhere Co., Ltd.)

Insights from Key Figures

Michael Ghory, vice president of apparel at Yuga Labs, commented, “This collection pays homage to an era when street fashion epitomised trendsetting savvy.”

Thomas Hui, COO of Bape® Hong Kong Limited, expressed the brand’s commitment to innovation in the dynamic fashion industry. He remarked, “We are venturing into uncharted territories by collaborating with both the WEB 2.0 and WEB 3.0 communities, progressing actively.”

Launch Details

The collection is set to debut on December 16, 2023, at select BAPE STORE® outlets across the world and online at BAPE.COM.


Image Source: X.com @BoredApeYC

An Unconventional Partnership

This collaboration follows the announcement earlier this year of a partnership between Yuga Labs and BAPE®. The joint effort reimagines iconic BAPE® designs, integrating the brand’s Ura-Harajuku heritage with the swamp-themed elements of BAYC, presenting a novel fusion concept.

The Evolution of Collaboration

The partnership’s initial reveal occurred during ApeFest on November 4th in Hong Kong, offering attendees exclusive access to limited-edition apparel and accessories. The collection was made available for purchase both on-site and online via Token Gate, catering to BAYC members and devoted BAPE® enthusiasts.

A Union of Tradition and Technology in Fashion

The collaboration between BAPE® and BAYC marks an intriguing intersection of streetwear tradition and blockchain technology. It’s a noteworthy step towards intertwining cultural nostalgia with the futuristic potential of NFTs, laying the groundwork for a fascinating evolution within the fashion landscape.

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