Auction House Sotheby’s Partners With Ledger For Limited Edition Hardware

Sotheby’s, a leading auction house in the NFT (Non-Fungible Token) space, has announced an exclusive partnership with Ledger, a cryptocurrency wallet maker, to offer a premium digital art collection experience to its elite collectors. This partnership marks a significant intersection of technology and art, emphasising the increasing importance of security in the digital art domain.

Starting in 2024, buyers of top digital art auction lots at Sotheby’s will receive a limited edition Ledger x Sotheby’s Nano X hardware wallet.

These hardware wallets, provided by Ledger, are renowned for their secure digital cryptocurrency storage capabilities and come with unique features. The limited edition Nano X features a brushed metal casing adorned with “Sotheby’s EST. 1744,” making it not just a security tool but also a collector’s item. In the future, Ledger plans to expand this offering to include the Ledger Stax, an advanced cold storage device.

The move to provide hardware wallets is a response to the growing concerns about security, self-custody, and decentralisation within the digital art community. Just as physical works of art are carefully stored and managed, digital art collections will now benefit from the same level of consideration for long-term preservation and safety.

Ledger’s hardware wallets, including the Nano X, address the vulnerabilities associated with browser-based software wallets, providing true self-custody for all assets secured by Ledger. This is particularly crucial in the digital art space, where the value of assets and the need for secure storage are paramount.


In addition to the exclusive hardware, Ledger will offer a “white-glove concierge onboarding” service to Sotheby’s elite collectors. This service will seamlessly integrate collectors into Ledger Academy’s educational resources, ensuring they have the necessary knowledge to protect their digital assets. The educational content will cover the fundamentals of web3, including concepts such as self-custody, decentralisation, and best practices for web3 security.

Sebastian Fahey, Sotheby’s Managing Director of Global Fine Art and Executive Lead for Sotheby’s Metaverse, highlighted the partnership as a significant step in their web3 evolution.

Sotheby’s Metaverse, which recently expanded its web3 functionality, now serves as a fully on-chain, integrated sales system operating on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains.

The collaboration between Sotheby’s and Ledger comes at a time when the digital art domain is gaining momentum. The lines between traditional art and digital collectibles are blurring, and this partnership exemplifies the evolving role of art in the digital age. It emphasises the luxury and value of digital art while addressing the paramount importance of security.

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