AstridDAO officially announces a partnership with Microsoft

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May 24 2022— Exciting news from the Astar environment. The job AstridDAO being constructed on Astar has officially revealeda partnership with Microsoft This partnership has substantial ramifications for the environment as a whole. Microsoft, a powerhouse of development, brings its resources and innovation toAstridDAO Endorsing and training the job reveals that the tech giants are taking notice of Astar and the jobs being constructed on the network.

AstridDAO is a decentralized cash market with a totally backed stablecoin, BAI, which is hard-pegged to the United States Dollar.

Microsoft invites AstridDAO to the Microsoft for Startups program. This partnership speeds up organization advancement and development getting rid of the conventional barriers associated with structure a business. Bringing AstridDAO access to innovation, training and marketing which rivals and other business do now have access to. Microsoft will be offering AstridDAO with approximately $350,000 of advantages through Github Enterprise, Microsoft Teams and Azure credits. Keep your eyes on AstridDAO, the future is looking really brilliant for the business.

This partnership from Microsoft represents AstridDAO as being backed by among the most ingenious tech-driven business in history.

AstridDAO group shares: “We are super excited to join the Microsoft for Startups program! With incredible resources sponsored by Microsoft, we will ensure AstridDAO can better serve the community and facilitate BAI to become the dominant native stablecoin for the whole Astar and Polkadot ecosystem.”

If you have not been taking notice of Astar and the environment as a entire, take this as a indication to begin. This network has actually revealed time and time once again that they are innovating and developing the future of blockchain innovation. Microsoft partnering and ending up being associated with the network is yet another signal that Astar is a community you require to keep your eyes on.

About AstridDAO

AstridDAO is a decentralized cash market procedure and multi-collateral stablecoin constructed on Astar and the Polkadot environment, enabling users to obtain BAI, a stablecoin hard-pegged to USD versus threat possessions at 0% interest and minimum security ratio. This system allows users to utilize the worth in their threat possessions, consisting of ASTR, BTC, ETH, and DOT without offering them.


About Astar

Astar Network is the Smart Contract Hub for WASM + EVM and the top Parachain on Polkadot in Total Value Locked +Most Ethereum Assets Since winning its Parachain auction in January 2022, Astar Network has actually ended up being the top Parachain in the Polkadot environment in Total Value Locked and most Ethereum possessions moved over. Astar Network is the leading wise agreement center that links the Polkadot environment to Ethereum, Cosmos, and all significant layer 1 blockchains. Astar Network supports dApps utilizing numerous virtual devices– specifically WASM and EVM– and provides the very best innovation options and monetary rewards by means of its Build2Earn and Astar Incubation Program for We b3 designers to develop on top of a safe, scalable, and interoperable blockchain.

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