AstraZeneca and Absci’s AI Alliance in Cancer Antibody Research

AstraZeneca, the pharmaceutical titan known for its COVID-19 vaccine, embarks on a novel journey. They join forces with Absci, an American AI biologics company, aiming to transform cancer treatment with innovative antibodies.

Image: PBS

The partnership, unveiled in a Financial Times report on December 3, sees AstraZeneca committing a remarkable $247 million. This investment covers research, development, milestones, and an upfront fee for Absci.

Their joint mission? To develop a state-of-the-art generative AI model for new cancer antibody therapies. The exact cancer types targeted remain undisclosed.

Absci’s website touts their AI prowess, capable of screening billions of cells weekly. They can swiftly turn antibodies into lab-validated candidates in just six weeks.

Image: GeekWire

Absci currently juggles 17 different projects. AstraZeneca’s Senior VP, Puja Sapra, stresses AI’s role in hastening and broadening biologics discovery. Absci’s CEO, Sean McClain, acknowledges the collaboration’s significance in enhancing their AI work, as reported by Reuters.

While Cointelegraph’s request for more details from Absci awaits a reply, the partnership is a testament to AI’s growing footprint in healthcare. AI is already being leveraged elsewhere, such as in Hong Kong’s Hospital Authority.

They employ an AI system to combat superbugs by optimizing antibiotic prescriptions.

In essence, AstraZeneca and Absci’s alliance harnesses AI’s potential in the ongoing battle against cancer. Their collaboration, backed by significant investment and advanced technology, holds promise for groundbreaking antibody treatments.

It’s a clear indicator of AI’s burgeoning role in reshaping healthcare research and treatment strategies.

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