Asia Warms to Gaming’s Blockchain Future

Blockchain gaming shifts power to players by allowing asset ownership and trading, unlike traditional games where devs hold all the cards.”

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Karim Farghaly, the Senior Vice President of Corporate Development at Bandai Namco, recently disclosed the company’s optimistic outlook on blockchain technology in mobile gaming, particularly in Asia.

Farghaly elaborated on the matter in a chat at the Esports and Gaming Business Summit held in Las Vegas.

Bandai Namco is the powerhouse behind some of gaming’s most iconic titles, such as ‘Elden Ring’ and ‘Dark Souls’.

The Asian market, according to Farghaly, is more receptive to the Web3 infrastructure than its Western counterpart.

The absence of a negative stigma around blockchain in Asia implies a fertile ground for its adoption.

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Bandai Namco isn’t alone on this venture.

They’ve already teamed up with blockchain firm Double Jump.Tokyo.

Together, they released Ryuzo, a virtual pet game where your digital pets are also Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

These NFTs exist on a particular blockchain called Oasys.

Major gaming companies Sega and Ubisoft have also declared their commitment to the Oasys blockchain.

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Farghaly holds that the “whales” of the gaming world will find this particularly appealing.

Owning a digital asset that you can trade or keep for an indefinite period is like having a golden ticket that keeps on giving.

Furthermore, Farghaly posits that mobile gaming is ahead of the curve in promoting Web3 and crypto adoption, especially in Asia.

Thus, it would seem that the road to a blockchain-infused gaming future is being paved, one virtual brick at a time, in the lands of the rising sun.

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