Are FTX and Alameda Asset-Receiving Wallets Selling Assets?

In recent times, social media has been rife with speculations surrounding whether #FTX and #Alameda asset-receiving wallets are selling their digital assets. According to a transaction record, these two wallets, at a certain point in time, transferred 2,904 Ethereum (worth $5.18 million), 1,341 Maker (MKR, worth $2.02 million), 11,974 Aave (AAVE, worth $1.03 million), and 198,804 Chainlink (LINK, worth $2.26 million) to #Binance and #Coinbase via a wallet address labeled “0xde9A.”

This move has raised concerns in the market about whether #FTX and #Alameda are offloading their holdings of digital assets. However, it’s essential to note that such transfers do not necessarily imply a sell-off, as digital asset holders often engage in fund reallocation and transfers.

Furthermore, an accompanying speculation mentioned, “Perfect time to sell before the ‘Bitcoin ETF’ rug gets pulled again LOL.” This seems to suggest that investors might have reservations about the forthcoming Bitcoin ETF and its potential impact on the market.

In conclusion, there is no concrete evidence to confirm whether #FTX and #Alameda are indeed selling their digital assets, and this situation warrants further monitoring and investigation.

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