Aptos Labs & Universal Pictures Redefines Horror Digitally with 'The Exorcist Believer’

Aptos Labs & Universal Pictures Redefines Horror Digitally with ‘The Exorcist: Believer’

Things are about to get spookier with the collaboration between Aptos Labs and Universal Pictures as they join forces to craft immersive digital experiences for the much-anticipated release of “The Exorcist: Believer”.

Scheduled to premiere on 6 October, this film promises more than just spine-tingling scares; it offers horror enthusiasts the chance to dive headfirst into a cutting-edge digital fan experience, uniquely powered by the Aptos blockchain.

At the heart of this cinematic journey lies the story of Victor Fielding, portrayed by Leslie Odom Jr, Victor finds himself ensnared in a supernatural enigma after his daughter Angela, portrayed by Lydia Jewett, and her friend Katherine, portrayed by Olivia O’Neil, vanish into the eerie depths of the woods, only to reappear three days later, bearing no recollection of their ordeal.

Those who secure their tickets via Fandango (available only in the United States (US) for this hair-raising spectacle, will receive an exclusive redemption code.

This code unlocks an immersive digital experience where they can access coveted collectible artwork, delve into riveting behind-the-scenes footage, and even experiment with spine-chilling Exorcist-themed Augmented Reality (AR) filters.

In a bid to extend the thrills beyond the silver screen, this immersive fan journey also invites participants to engage in electrifying giveaways.

These contests feature The Exorcist: Believer-themed prizes, ensuring that the excitement and suspense linger long after the final credits roll.

Fuelling these innovative and captivating fan experiences is the Aptos blockchain, underpinned by Move, a programming language engineered by former luminaries of the Big Tech industry.

Greg Reed, Vice President of Technology Partnerships at Universal Pictures, shares his perspective:

“Our ultimate goal with web3 is to craft interconnected digital experiences across all our platforms. If we plan to create digital collectibles for every movie ticket or product we sell, or for every immersive fan experience, like ‘The Exorcist: Believer,’ we deliver, we need technology that can handle that scale. Aptos is built to handle the volume and performance to truly, and reliably, change how fans experience movies.”

This partnership is yet another feather in the cap for Aptos Labs, building upon their successful collaboration with NBCUniversal for the Web3 game accompanying Nicolas Cage’s “Renfield” last April.

In that endeavour, Aptos Labs developed an online game that tasked users with uncovering hidden insects within a series of photographs inspired by scenes from the film.

With “The Exorcist: Believer” and its immersive fan experiences at the forefront, do you think you have what it takes to survive this in-your-face horror brought to life?

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