Animoca’s Mocaverse Resolves Security Vulnerability

Mocaverse, a non-fungible token (NFT) series affiliated with Animoca Brands, today announced the resolution of a potential security breach.

Thirdweb, Mocaverse’s smart contract development partner, identified a vulnerability in their smart contracts on December 2.

Fortunately, this issue did not compromise users’ private keys or assets in their wallets.

Mocaverse took a precautionary approach to resolve this issue, using pre-built smart contracts for the Relic, Lucky Neko, and Realm Ticket collections on Polygon to protect the collection and users during this period of maintenance.

By the end of December 4, Mocaverse successfully upgraded the smart contracts for NFT, Lucky Neko, and Relic, rectifying the security vulnerability without impacting existing functionality.

That being said, non-upgradable contracts like Realm Ticket and Honorary Collection will see their relevant contracts were locked.

On-chain data was then snapshot, with the project stating that original holders will be able to claim NFTs based on previous holdings.

As reported by Mocaverse, there are no new vulnerable smart contracts.

On December 5, after thorough testing of mitigation measures, Mocaverse informed other Animoca Brands subsidiaries about the potential security issue.

Mocaverse claims that steps have been taken, including engaging a seasoned security expert for regular assessments.

The Mocaverse is an membership NFT collection by Animoca brands. These blockchain-based Moca IDs, exclusive to NFT holders, function as identifiers across Animoca Brands’ gaming and crypto projects. Obtaining a Moca ID requires an invite code from an NFT owner.

In November, Mocaverse integrated Ubisoft’s upcoming NFT game, Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles, into its Web3 Frequent Player Program

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