Animoca Brands Japan Introduces Exclusive ‘Liar, Liar’ E-Figurine NFT Collection

Animoca Brands Japan has revealed its latest offering: exclusive digital e-figurine NFTs featuring characters from the popular TV anime ‘Liar, Liar.’ These limited edition NFTs are set to debut in the digital realm of San FranTokyo’s Weebox, creating a novel fusion of digital and physical collectibles.

March 2024 is the slated release date for the ‘Liar, Liar’ e-figurine NFTs, giving fans of the series, which premiered on Crunchyroll in July 2023, a chance to own a piece of this unique digital marvel. Notable characters like Himeji Shirayuki, Saionji Sarasa, and Shiina Tsumugi will be immortalized in this exclusive run, with only 1,000 NFTs available per character.

What distinguishes these NFTs is the innovative Physical Backed Token (PBT) standard, linking each digital e-figurine with a corresponding physical figure. This groundbreaking approach enables NFT owners to claim a tangible version of their digital collectible, offering an unprecedented ‘phygital’ experience. Specifics on the claiming process will be disclosed on Weebox, ensuring fans stay informed about this unique opportunity.

Animoca Brands Japan, established in 2021, operates as a strategic subsidiary of the global Web3 leader, Animoca Brands Corporation Limited. This collaboration transcends mere collectibles; it’s a mission to unite Japanese IPs with a global audience through blockchain technology.

The company’s comprehensive Web3 services provide a platform for major publishers, brands, artists, and game companies to construct their ecosystems and connect with fans worldwide in a meaningful and technologically advanced manner.

San FranTokyo, conceived by KLKTN, stands as a decentralised city surpassing the realms of a digital space. It serves as a cultural hub where anime and Web3 converge, providing fans with a distinctive platform to engage with their preferred content. From its swift sell-out of 2,000 Genesis Passes in August 2023 to its rigorous application process, San FranTokyo has solidified its status as a sanctuary for true anime and manga enthusiasts in the Web3 sphere.

The city’s focus on storytelling and licensed anime IP is evident in its meticulous application process, which involved scrutinising MyAnimeList profiles. This dedication to authenticity has resulted in a robust community foundation, further reinforced by the forthcoming VISIONS PFP collection. San FranTokyo is more than a marketplace; it’s a vibrant community where fans can revel in and own a fragment of their anime identity.

The introduction of ‘Liar, Liar’ e-figurine NFTs by Animoca Brands Japan goes beyond a mere product launch; it’s a courageous stride into the future of collectibles. Anticipation builds for its March 2024 release, showcasing a model of innovation, community, and boundless potential at the crossroads of technology and culture.

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